Nina Rose is a London based luxury silk wedding dress designer, specialising in gowns inspired by minimalism. Her dresses themselves aren't minimalist aesthetically, the construction is. What Nina chooses to interpret from minimalism and translate into dressmaking is reductivism, which, essentially is reducing the components of a product, to end up with the least complicated outcome. This achieves her goals of ultimate comfort and quality fit, while still looking enviably chic. This brings to life elegant, contemporary dresses for a range of women.  

Reductivism and minimalism encourage us to re-consider the purpose of design. The artistic movement uses simple, geometric shapes and lines and the repetition of them. This is true for the patterns of her dresses, she wants each piece to be a simple clean cut shape constructed from strong lines.

Anti-figurative forms also play a huge part in her inspiration. Essentially taking away from clothing, the idea of figure in terms of the human form. Nina applies this to her belief that although women’s figures can play a huge part in our beauty, it doesn’t necessarily have to define it. Therefore she likes to play with silhouettes, and include a vast variation that might not be considered typically bridal,  as you can see throughout the 2016 collection.

Silk is a beautiful natural fibre that can then be weaved into a multitude of different types. For example; duchess satin, chiffon, taffeta, organza, gazaar, crepe satin, tulle… the list goes on. Nina likes to use silk for it’s surface value and doesn’t like to over complicate it.  She believes in having the utmost quality in every dress, and silk provides this absolutely. It also means the dresses glide across the skin, are breathable and a pleasure to wear. You will be free to think about nothing but enjoying yourself on your special day.

All dresses are 100% silk as far as possible and are made to the highest quality here in London. 

Your experience with Nina Rose will be a unique one if you purchase directly from us, with viewings, fittings and interaction all carried out by Nina. If you decide to purchase a Nina Rose wedding dress, we will make the dress to your measurements, include a minimum of three fittings with the designer herself to ensure the best quality fit and that you are 100% happy with the dress upon final collection or delivery. If you are interested in a certain dress but feel that there is a change you would like made to it, let us know and we will be able to tell you what is possible and try our hardest to fulfill your wishes.

Nina and her brother Matthew on set at the look book photo shoot.

Behind the scenes at the look book photo shoot.